A blog for preaching reflections

I have just inaugurated this blog as a place to reflect on preaching texts for the coming weeks in worship. Check back to see what develops and feel free to comment. My hope is that this will help preaching be more of a conversation with the community.

You will also find news and other items of interest as they occur. If you know of something that should be shared please let me know.

Grace and Peace, Pastor Rik

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3 Responses to A blog for preaching reflections

  1. Cheryl Reynolds says:

    Great idea! I have added this to my favorites for easy access. Thank you for adding to your already busy schedule to reach out to the community in another way.

  2. Anna Reager says:


    Thank you for the opportunity to share in the intellectual and spiritual life of the church. Your reflections will allow me to think about your sermon texts even when I can’t be in church – and prepare my thoughts when I am able to attend. I am going to share your blog site with some friends.

    Thanks Cheryl, for the bookmark comment. I have a flair for overlooking the obvious. Great idea.


  3. Gerry Flinchbaugh says:


    I totally agree with the comments made by Cheryl and Anna, and want to say, “Thank You” as well. I have really enjoyed your blog and I am looking forward to updates as your time permits.

    Thank you for all you have have done and continue to do for HUMC.

    What a blessing! God is good! All the time!


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