Know Boundaries

A plan will be presented this afternoon [Tuesday] to reduce the number of district in the Virginia Conference from 18 to 16. District boundaries have not been significantly adjusted in nearly 40 years. I won’t trouble you with all the details of the plan—you can find more information and watch a video prepared by the task force on the conference website here.

The basic intention of this redistricting plan is to level the size of districts with regard to the number of churches and to provide some cost savings for the conference, districts, and local churches. What surprises me is that the task force and cabinet seem to be anticipating a great deal of angst from the conference membership in response to this plan. There is a sense that district identity is an important and sensitive issue for many in the local church.

I don’t mean to be dismissive, but personally I just don’t see how district boundaries are that significant in the life of the local church. Am I missing something? The proposed plan does not effect Huguenot Church directly—we would remain associated with the Richmond District—but would it really matter to the people of Huguenot if we were reassigned to the Petersburg District, or the Charlottesville District, or some newly created district? I will be interested to hear the Christian conferencing around this issue this afternoon.

Just a reminder—you can watch a live stream of the conference session here.

Grace & Peace, Pastor Rik

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