Jubilee in Worship, Fellowship, and Service

It was a great day. 102 souls gathered for worship on September 12, 2010. Former pastor, Mike Meloy, preached and reminded us how some of our most significant formation as a community of faith occurs in times of adversity and challenge. He says that the way to continue moving forward is to love—even those it is sometimes difficult to love. After worship we had fellowship around the table at lunch provided by the Susannah Wesley Circle. Then we donned blue gloves and went to work making some 450 sandwiches. These sandwiches, along with baggies of carrots and celery, additional loaves of bread with some fixings, and fried chicken remaining from lunch, were donated to Friends of the Homeless where they will be distributed among some of the homeless population in the Richmond area this week. Follow the link to see photos of the day provided by Fred Schneider.

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2 Responses to Jubilee in Worship, Fellowship, and Service

  1. LaVerne Jones says:

    Looking forward to more celebrations as we continue our 50 year journey.
    We continue to grow in spirit, faith and friendship as we extend the hand of
    our faith to others. Blessing to all Love LaVerne

  2. ellen kincheloe says:

    Rik Thanks for the update This is wonderful news I am so glad we had a good turn out for the day and what a great outreach with 450 sandwiches. I think it sounds like everything went really well.
    I like Mike Meloy’s message I will try to keep that in mind as I go through the day. Ellen

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