October 10, 2010 – Faith and Action: Lord Willing

text: James 4:13-17
click on the link above to read the text at www.commonenglishbible.com

I offer some brief random reflections on this passage this week for your consideration . . .

It can be really frustrating when we make plans and something unexpected comes up and forces us to change those plans. This passage from James reminds us that it is really rather arrogant to think that we can trust our own plans. The most we can say is that if the Lord lets us accomplish something then we can trust that it will be done. Perhaps it is best to depend on God’s will rather than our own.

Of course, we also believe that we have free will—the ability, maybe even the right, to make choices for ourselves. It is true that we are not controlled by God to do only what is willed by God. However, it seems the call to discipleship involves somehow synchronizing our will with God’s will so that we can accomplish the work of Christ in the world.

I also hear James warning against procrastination. Don’t put your agenda ahead of God. Don’t put off until tomorrow what God wants you to accomplish today. Make sure God’s will comes first in your day to day life.

We have a choice of living according to our own will or living by the will of God. If we live according to our will, we will likely have to deal with frustration when events don’t work out the way we plan. If we live by God’s will, we can expect those plans to be fulfilled.

Plan to live by God’s will. Even then our plans may not proceed according to our schedule, but you can rest assured that is it is God’s will it will be accomplished.

Grace & Peace, Pastor Rik

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